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Greenleaf is located in Washington County on KS Hwy 119 one mile north of KS Hwy 9 & 148, with a population of 318. 

The City Park offers a swimming pool during the summer season, picnic area, and playground equipment.  A limestone jail and Community Clubhouse are located at the northwest edge of the downtown business district.

Greenleaf is home to Twin Valley Developmental Services serving both Washington and Marshall Counties. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is over one-hundred years old and still holds mass on weekends.

A must see drive-by is the St. Michael’s Catholic Church, located approximately eight miles south of Greenleaf on a paved county road.  This church and cemetery are over 115 years old. Using teams of horses and hand tools to build, this majestic church is a tribute to those settling the area.  Greenleaf Fun Day is held in July, and is a very family friendly event.


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