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Road & Bridge

Washington County is a county/township unit, which is 30 miles x 30 miles or 900 square miles consisting of 25 townships. Of those 900 square miles, 1,546.5 of them are county roads.

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 295.6 miles, of which approximately 56 miles are asphalt, with the remaining miles being gravel.  The townships maintain the remaining roads which are approximately 1,251 miles of gravel/dirt.
Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of 79 rural secondary bridges and 236 off system bridges and numerous smaller structures that drain more than 185 acres.  The townships then maintain structures that drain less than 185 acres.
To report damage to signs – contact the office during business hours.

After work hours contact the administrator;  if unable to reach contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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