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Law Enforcement Center

Built in 1996; the center contains the Washington County Communications Department, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

The Washington County Communications Office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The office dispatches Law Enforcement, Fire and Ambulance services for the entire county, which is 900 square miles.

Although people are not generally aware of the pressure and duties of the Emergency Communications, one thing is certain: no department, law enforcement, fire or ambulance can function without a talented, patient and highly trained staff of professional communications.

While dealing with dozens or hundreds of mundane calls a day, they must also be ready to take the life-or-death call that could ring through at any time. In Washington, the dispatches usually work alone. This means they are responsible for all incoming phone calls, radio traffic with up to five or more officers, running warrants and license plate checks, helping citizens who come into the lobby, assisting neighboring law enforcement agencies, and innumerable pieces of paper.