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Noxious Weed

The Washington County Noxious Weed Department is a local branch of county government established to enforce the Kansas Noxious Weed Law (KSA 2-1314) within the boundaries of Washington County.
We treat all noxious weeds found on county property. We also share the cost of herbicides required by landowners and operators in the county to treat noxious weeds on their property.

Chemicals we commonly carry include 2, 4-D, metsulfuron methyl, triclopyr, glyphosate & picloram.

An applicators license is needed to apply a restricted use pesticide (RUP). The only RUP that Noxious Weed sells is picloram, aka Tordon 22K. You must have a private applicator license to apply picloram, but you may purchase the product and have a commercial applicator pick it up and apply it for you if you are not licensed. New applicants can take a test to receive their license at the River Valley Extension Office 214 C Street, Washington County 66968 Phone: 785-325-2121
Herbicide control products can only be purchased for land in Washington County. The cost share program is for noxious weeds only.

In order to purchase chemical(s) from the Washington County Noxious Weed Department, you MUST provide accurate location of noxious weed(s) (township, section, location), number of acres to be sprayed, and an accurate list of noxious weeds to be treated.

As per K.S.A. 2-1322, the Washington County Noxious Weed Department may inspect listed acreage for proof of noxious weed infestation and will take appropriate action against fraudulent purchases.

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