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Washington County Solid Waste Facility

Solid Waste

Material accepted at this facility: Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition, Appliances without CFC’s or a ($10.00 for removal charge), Trees, Limbs, Grass, Chipped Wood, Metals, Straw and Wood.

All loads will be weighed before entry into the facility. Please have load sorted if material is co-mingled with C & D, Metals, and Grass & Trees.

Loads must be secured so that nothing escapes your vehicle. There is a $25 fine for uncovered/unsecured loads. 

Materials not accepted at this facility:

  • Explosives
  • Ammunition
  • Asbestos Waste
  • Industrial Solid Waste
  • Medical Waste

Solid Waste Director

Transfer Station

Transfer Station, C&D Landfill, and Compost Facility

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