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Mission Statement

To provide friendly, efficient and professional service to all customers in the collection of taxes, registering vehicles and titling vehicles.  To keep accurate accounting records of all the financial transactions of Washington County.  To initiate programs that benefit Washington County taxpayers.

The Treasurer’s Office serves as a conduit for the county’s financial transactions.  It is responsible for tax billing, collection and distribution of real estate, personal property, intangible and motor vehicle taxes, special assessments and other miscellaneous taxes for the county, cities, townships, school districts and other taxing jurisdictions of Washington County. In addition to being the County’s Financial Officer, the County Treasurer’s office provides a multitude of services and information such as Property Tax Information, Motor Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Title changes. This office also serves as an agent for the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles in regard to vehicle titles and registrations and a satellite station for Kansas Drivers License.

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